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The IEI's Mission is to provide a challenging and supportive educational environment where international language learners can gain proficiency in English for academic, professional, or other purposes. We also advance the campus missions of learning, discovery, engagement and economic development through teacher training, collaboration with other campus units and promotion of cultural exchange between our students and members of the campus and local communities.

To achieve our primary mission, the Intensive English Institute provides:

  • Experienced faculty who have strong academic credentials and continue to pursue professional development opportunities;
  • An up-to-date curriculum adapted to student needs as well as incorporating the latest developments in ESL teaching methodologies, technology, and materials development;
  • Opportunities for students to experience campus and American culture and engage in communicative language practice.

The IEI fulfills its additional missions by:

  • Providing a professional development program for staff, faculty, and teachers-in-training (graduate Teaching Assistants), including pre-semester orientations for new teachers, regular supervision of and support for teachers, professional development workshops, access to campus teaching certificate programs for TAs, and financial support for attending professional conferences.
  • Providing a context for graduate students and faculty to conduct approved research on second language learning and teaching.
  • Working with campus units to develop programs with their international partners for English language support and/or introductions to U.S., local, and campus culture.
  • Providing structured programs that enable campus and community members to develop relationships with students from all over the world.
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